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I’m humbled you’re here. Whatever path may have led you to consider me as your photographer, I am grateful. Please take some time to learn a little bit about me and my family and don’t forget to    VIEW THE GALLERIES

About my work:

I’m a storyteller first and foremost. I strive to capture the true essence of your wedding day and ultimately, of your love for one another. Being an old soul, I love all things analog so it’s only fitting that my medium of choice is film. I’m a firm believer that Kodak film is actually magic. Photons engaging in a chemical reaction to freeze a moment in time more beautifully than today’s most advanced digital technology. It’s not only the colors and tonality but how it somehow seems to capture the soul of a scene. Fads and trends are not for me. Simplicity and timelessness are. You will enjoy your images in fifty years as much as you do the first time you see them.

Thank you so much for taking the time to view my imagery! Please feel free to connect with me and ask any questions you have. Until we meet, all the best!


Image: Jenna Hill Photography

I’m blessed to be in my 7th year of marriage to my wonderful wife and lovely assistant, Megan. She is my best friend and I am incredibly lucky to have met her. We know a thing or two about marriage and we have been through a lot. I can tell you, the tough times have helped us share a stronger bond and shaped us into the people we are (and are becoming). Having our daughter, Harper, has been the greatest blessing in our lives. Exploring this life with her and watching her evolve is all we will ever need.

Meet Justin

 Adventurer and storyteller. Ponders the deeper meaning of existence but also enjoys fantasy football. Animal lover to the fullest and one spirit with nature. Artist, father, husband and forever a dreamer.

daughter baby girl

Meet Harper

Has witnessed two rotations around the sun. Loves animals like daddy. Loves to dance like mommy. Obsessed with Peppa Pig. Shy at first but warms up quickly. Endless energy and a zest to explore life.

dog sheltie

Meet Paisley

Shetland Sheep Dog. Barker. Wanted shoe thief. Gets way too excited to say hello but it’s all in love. Totally at home running in green pastures. Can herd sheep with the best of ’em.

Meet Megan

Major foodie and closet Iron Chef. Spin class instructor. Loves a solid, whole milk latte. Children’s book writer. Deeply inspired by Wabi-Sabi. East coast born, west coast soul.